All things pass and turn to dust

by The Missin' Cousins

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Recorded in 2002 at Randy Strauss' Snug Harbor studios

David Modersbach, Singing and Guitars, Bass
Suzanne Pegas, Singing and Drums, scratching
Elizabeth Zirker, Singing and violins, bass
Christina Zirker on the Harp

Randy Strauss, Hammond B5 on Faded Love.


released June 6, 2002



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The Missin' Cousins Oakland, California

The Missin' Cousins are from Oakland California. We have played Alameda County & Western music since 1994, in bars, BART stations, jail, institutions, benefits, streets, parties, etc. Much of our songs are made up, and we play a lot of folk & country songs that we love.

Suzanne Pegas (singing/drums)
Elizabeth Zirker (singing/violin)
David Modersbach (singing/ guitar)
Paul Dalton (Sessions Man)
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Track Name: Purple Nashville Rose
Purple Nashville Rose
david modersbach & missin' cousins


Moon’s getting fat and I’m settin back, here at the Metro Motel
My feet they are bare in the warm midnight air
Troubles just floating out the door
Dickerson, Nashville, outskirts of town
Watching the prostitutes walk up and down
It’s a nice night and they’re doing all right
Me I’ll just set here and drink and smoke and write

And it’s all right, for the time
Thoughts come out and somehow rhyme
It’s not always good like this
But I’ve seen Nashville and I saw Fisk

Fisk, now there’s a beautiful place
So much history, the kind you can taste
I walked around breathing in the air
Wishing and a dreaming that I was there
In the better days, days we’ve seen
In the times that’s yet to be
Hoping that the moment will come right to me
And be there fighting that fight to be free

And it’s all right for the time
This wouldn’t be too bad a time to lay right down and die
But then again it’s really not so bad to be alive
I think I’ll get up and walk into the night

Interlude: Dm7 & G

The Purple Nashville Rose is a thistle that grows
In the cracks along the sidewalk where the ragged people go
The purple flower’s sweet and it brightens up the street
Reminds me of the beauty in our misery
Sirens in the air and a flashing firefly
Moon is getting smaller and the traffic’s floating by
Honeysuckle creeping in an tickling my nose
And I won’t forget the smell of the Purple Nashville Rose

Well I’ll be leaving Nashville tho I would love to stay
But it’s given me some things that I can dream on long the way
I’ll return again someday when god only knows
And I’ll be reunited with the Purple Nashville Rose
Track Name: Bicycle Love Song
Bicycle Love Song
David Modersbach, Missin’ Cousins

You on your bicycle, me riding too
Jumping sidewalks, dodging traffic under the sky so blue
We covered that old city then, just you and I
And our skinny bicycles just looking for a dumpster to dive

You’d call me and I’d race down just to meet you anywhere
Riding on our bicycles we were a flying into the air
We’d fly so high our tires would cry and we’d bring it back again
Back to the city, the traffic and the living, the pavement and the skin

But you got run over and lost your nerve and it wasn’t the same again
When I got married, had a little baby, changed my name and then
Even worse, I bought a car and we both just drifted apart
We could have rid our bikes for ever but we didn’t get far

But then sometimes I still see a shock of coloured hair
Weaving through the traffic in my memory so fair
Roll out your bicycle and we’ll take ‘em for a ride
Nothing but time can come between us when we’re riding side by side
Nothing but time can come between us when we’re riding on our bikes

But something’s wrong, I can’t breathe! and the air is afucking up my eyes
It’s cuz folks like us quit riding and now we're paying the price
We’ve got to get together and stand up for our rights!
So our kids and their sweethearts can go riding on their bikes

You on your bicycle, me riding too
Jumping sidewalks dodging traffic under the skies so blue
We owned that old city then, just you and I
And our shiny bicycles, just eating up the sky
Riding on our bicycles we were flying into the night
Riding on our bicycles we were flying into the light